Space Picks were developed by a team of Ex-Rocket Scientists that liked to sit on the launchpad in the 70s after a long day’s work to enjoy a beer and a blunt together. The group wanted to develop a discreet way to get high while on long trips to and from the launch pad but wisely decided it couldn’t involve smoke or fire in the highly flammable environment they worked.

They decided the toothpicks in the lunch room would do the job and set out to develop a top secret method of infusing the picks with THC. This method took years and many failed attempts in order to perfect. To this day, there are only three people that know how they are really made, as it is shrouded in secrecy.

To add to the mystery of their product they decided that once a year they will offer THC infused toothpicks in a special golden package that have traveled to the edge of space and back. Through their connections in the Space Industry, in which they worked, they have been able to secure shipments of toothpicks to the limits of the Earth’s atmosphere, ensuring a way they could share with the rest of the World their love of Space (and Weed).


Space Picks™ are infused toothpicks made from natural ingredients, natural flavors, and North American white birchwood creating an efficient delivery platform for premium concentrates which are infused into each pick and are efficiently absorbed via the oral mucosa or lining of the mouth.

All of our picks are made by hand and infused inside and out and top to bottom with all-natural flavors and the best quality ingredients. All of the birch wood used in the picks is freshly harvested in the USA. Every batch of Space Picks™ is unique, and each batch is lab tested for dosage consistency and product quality.

  • Handmade & Quality Assured
  • Sleek & Discreet
  • Disposable
  • Dosage Controlled
  • Fast Activation

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